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Growing your business [Part 5] The marketing cycle – keep at it!

Through this series we have looked at various parts of the marketing cycle – you know who you are talking to, you know what you’re saying and how you’re delivering the communications. What’s left? Well, in a word – momentum.

It’s important that your plans have a beginning middle and end. Feel free to press ‘repeat’ on these – either to the same audience – or to a new group of potential clients. But don’t let them drift, with you saying the same things, without conclusion. Have an aim, deliver the messages and invite a call to action.

Then assess. Did it work? Did anyone respond? Did anyone engage in any way? You could decide to try a completely different approach or you could tweak the campaign you have used. And if it was successful, we suggest you recycle it with fresh content and the same enthusiasm.

Follow up your campaigns where appropriate. Keep in touch with your contacts and stay on their radar – you never know when the time might be right for a change in supplier or for your products/services to be right for their portfolio.

Use the information you have gained from the activities you have engaged in to help direct future energies. Most marketing is highly accountable in the digital era. Email campaigns have full reports and audit trails (for example – you can see how many people opened it, exactly WHO opened it, how many clicked a link you included, how many revisited the communication, and even where in the world they are based).

Social media gives you useful facts and figures, showing you the reach of each post. If you look down the information you can see which ones created interest and on which day. We can predict that your weakest posts didn’t include an image!

Employ Google Analytics for some geeky facts on who has visited your website, where they came to from (another website, an internet search, social media and so on) and which pages they visited and for how long. Your web provider can help with this.

Beware, you can get very caught up in this information and you should only use it as a guide and as supporting intelligence to what you already know – how many times did the phone ring, an email ping or a meeting get arranged? Combine all of this knowledge to get a good picture of how well your marketing is working. Gut instinct is still a valuable indicator alongside cold, hard facts.

Once you are in a pattern of marketing, keep going. That’s the most important thing we can say – you won’t gain traction or any sort of relationship after a few activities, no matter how well targeted, beautifully crafted or eloquently worded they are. You have to keep going, stay on the radar and continue to develop the rapport and trust of your audience.

This is the end of this series for now – more later. Our next set of blogs will concentrate on the subject of Making Tax Digital, starting in January 2019.

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