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Time to Review and plan for 2022!

What are your business goals for 2022? The beginning of a new year, or season, is an excellent time to review the chapter just finished and reflect on what worked, what didn’t, what you’d like to change and new things you’d like to implement. Last year, there were inescapable impacts on businesses, with some thriving,…Read More

Grow your numbers – Improving your margins

Measuring your sales and margins provides insight into which parts of your business are performing well and which ones need improvement. With improved margins, you don’t have to generate as many sales to get the same profit. Better still, lift your margins and achieve higher sales; you’ll get even more on your bottom line! 10…Read More

Getting back to business

It goes without saying that change has been a theme of late. Much of the change we’ve experienced has been out of our control. However, if we focus on what we can control, such as our response to change, we can regain some control and plan to maximise outcomes. Five things within your control that…Read More

Make money while you sleep

It’s got to be the entrepreneurs dream – earning money while you’re busy doing nothing (or on the golf course). And it’s often not out of everyone’s grasp – there are many things you could consider that would make you money once you’ve invested the time initially. Do you offer a product or service that…Read More

MTD [Part 3] Reducing manual data entry

There’s quite a lot to Making Tax Digital and the message is – don’t panic! Talk to us and we’ll help guide you through it – maybe on a temporary basis at first until you have all the processes you need in place to get you truly digitised. Did you know… 89% of businesses will…Read More

Growing your business [Part 5] The marketing cycle – keep at it!

Through this series we have looked at various parts of the marketing cycle – you know who you are talking to, you know what you’re saying and how you’re delivering the communications. What’s left? Well, in a word – momentum. It’s important that your plans have a beginning middle and end. Feel free to press…Read More

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